Here are some more pictures from our collaboration with Space Milano Marittima. This is a very classy look that reminds me of the 60s, drink included.



CR X Space Milano Marittima


This weekend I had the chance to collaborate with Space shop in Milano Marittima. The shop offers a great selection of contemporary and retro outfits, including the great brands such as MSGM, Au Jour le Jour, Dris Van Noten, Stella Jean and many others. (more…)

Walking the dogs



On my daily routine I always have a walk with my dogs on my agenda. Those adorable whippets – greyhound family – are named Molly and Corto (nickname for Corto Maltese). Many of you may think that this race is very fragile because of their physical structure, and unexpressive. On the contrary, you’ll understand the harmony of its movements and the elegance of this race. 

For those who have greyhounds and have difficulties finding greyhound’s collars check Simo’s web side. (more…)

colorful details


You must have noticed that I love wearing black, despite the bright summer that is passing by. To mix it up, I randomly chose accessories from my guard robe that I forgot I had. The necklace, for example. I can remember I bought this about ten years ago on a family boat trip to Croatia. I really love the summerish-happy feeling I get when I look at it: that’s why is so important not to throw things away, you’ll never now! (more…)

san vitale


I’m truly appreciating these days in my hometown where I can just walk in the city centre and look at the many historic monuments that my city, Ravenna, has. I can also spend most of my time with my family and friends, and also  open up my guard robe and have all my stuff in here. (more…)







IMG_2451 copiaIMG_2444 IMG_2453 IMG_2481 IMG_2504 IMG_2515 IMG_2521 copia

I was wearing:

Lost & Found dress at
Hermes bracelet
Hermes ‘brasil’ silk foulard
Kanye West’ Nike ‘Yeezy’ sneakers
Prada sunglasses
Photos by Carolina Sansoni

vintage feelings

i am still here


Hi everyone! many of you may have thought that i was gone, for good. But guess what, I am still here and I am not going anywhere (if not on vacation). The past month I’ve been travelling around. I’ve visited some of my favourite Italian city islands: Panarea and Porto Cervo need to be highlighted.

Here is a summer look for everyday. With this look I can feel fresh and dressed despite the high temperature. As you can notice I always end up wearing black but using coloured accessories may help fading the darkness.



IMG_1833  It’s time for Ravenna Festival,  a summer festival of opera and classical music host in my town. This gives me the chance to open up my guardrobe for a classy chic outfit for the events at the theatre. I, in fact, shot some pictures at Chiostri Francescani before attending the concert. Despite the look being total black, the contrast of the different materials makes the overall look quite diverse.


black transparent

Green hope


IMG_1400 copia


It wasn’t meant to be a photoshoot but after spending the whole day at the beach here is the result.

The sun was about to go down and the lighting was warm and dazzling: perfect situation in a stunning location. As I always say, best things come when not planned. Not to forget, many thanks to the photographer.


Walking in Capri



With my heart broken my mom and I – this beautiful lady next to me – had to leave this magic island, and those are the picture of my last day there. My look is pretty classy so I matched it with a leather jacket (sleeveless because it’s hot) to make it a bit more rocky.


want a lemonade?


Capri is world-wide famous for its limoncello; for the occasion I didn’t forget to bring my Stella McCartney fruit dress so that I can mimic myself within the island. The look is quite bon ton so I decided to leave my hair natural. They do look like crazy but that’s why I like it. So I got a Twilly Hermes foulard and I rolled it up like a hairband. I also got this bucket bag from the small Hermes boutique in via delle Camerelle; it looks like a bucket and, being white and orange, it’s perfect for summer, and for the look.